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Submission open: Plant Genome Editing – Policies and Governance (Research Topic in Frontiers Plant Science)

In collaboration with the journal Frontiers in Plant Science, section Plant Biotechnology, an interdisciplinary group of experts is organizing an article collection on "Plant Genome Editing – Policies and Governance".


The Resfrontiers_logoearch Topic aims at collecting articles on the latest advancements and future targets of genome editing, as well as contributions addressing the regulatory, social and socioeconomic aspects, the ethics, risk assessment, management and biosafty researches. The Research Topic ist edited by Joachim Schiemann, Associate Editor Plant Biotechnology, together with the guest Editors Thorben Sprink, Ralf Alexander Wilhelm, Armin Spök, Jürgen Robienski and Stephan Schleissing Institute TTN). The full description of this project can be found here. The submission deadline is Jul 18, 2018. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and, if accepted for publication, will be free to access for all readers, and indexed in relevant repositories.